About Us

PinballControllers.com (2009-2012)

Multimorphic began in 2009 as PinballControllers.com.  PinballControllers.com was founded with the goal of delivering a modern pinball control system to both consumers and pinball manufacturers.  Our first product was the P-ROC board.

In our opinion, there had been essentially no advances in pinball since the early 90's, excluding the short Pinball 2000 experiment from WMS.  We therefore developed the P-ROC to give pinball hobbyists a way to run custom code on their machines, thereby giving new life to machines that might have otherwise become boring.  While designing the P-ROC, we also made sure to include a number of new features that would make it the most advanced controller in the industry and a good choice for controlling new/custom machines.

In mid-2009, the P-ROC became the first off-the-shelf pinball controller board and served to kickstart a much more active pinball development community.  It also played a significant role in the eventual rise of new pinball manufacturing companies.

As the popularity of the P-ROC grew, and as people began using it to control their custom machines, it became clear that there was a need for new driver boards.  So in 2011, we designed the PDBs (P-ROC Driver Boards).  Just as the P-ROC was (and still is) the most advanced controller board, the PDBs became (and remain) the most advanced driver boards in the industry.  They were designed with simplicity, modularity, and serviceability in mind, and we were successful on each point.


Multimorphic, Inc. (2012-present)

A few years after starting PinballControllers.com, we remained disappointed with the continued lack of innovation in pinball manufacturing.  By 2012, a couple of new manufacturers had entered the market, but we didn't see (and still don't see) any plans for integrating real innovations in their machines.  That's not to say a lack of innovation is a bad thing.  Pinball is a traditional game, and traditional-style machines remain very popular  within the pinball community.  However, we saw an opportunity to introduce new, exciting technologies into pinball and to deliver a machine that could address some of the problems that traditional-style machines present to consumers (large footprint and high cost per game).
So in 2012, we changed the company name to Multimorphic, Inc. and set about designing the world's first modular, multi-game, pinball platform - the P3.  The plan was (and still is) to combine the traditional, physical features that we all love about pinball with new technologies, like dynamic artwork and comprehensive ball position tracking, but to do so in such a way that games (both software and physical shot layouts) could be changed.
Our team is made up of best-of-breed hardware, software, and mechanical engineers, artists, and popular, successful, and traditional pinball designers, and we're continuing to grow the team as our needs expand.  Just as the P3 combines old and new technolgies, we want both traditional pinball and bleeding-edge design philosphies represented on our team.  With outside-the-box thinking encouraged, the sky is truly the limit for our future and the future of pinball.