Lexy Lightspeed - Escape from Earth

Traditional style pinball game for the P3 Pinball Platform.






Lexy Lightspeed – A space adventurer who travels the galaxy fighting for Truth, Justice, and the American way…oh wait…that’s the Lone Ranger. Lexy travels the galaxy searching for space monsters and hunting down the evil ones who fight for the Dim Side of the Dark Energy Force. She’s not fully qualified to go Full Dark, so for now she has to battle the Dim Side. For her, aspiring to fight the Dark Side is more exciting than always looking on the Bright Side.

Ronnie Earl and Little Larry – Two rednecks that live in a cabin deep in the swamplands of Florida, right next to a secret alien research facility, Area 53.1. Ronnie Earl is a retired rocket scientist who used to work at Cape Canaveral. He was on the verge of developing a lightspeed engine when he was forced into retirement by budget cuts. He loves to hop up anything to make it faster. He toyed with making time go faster until he realized that it would just shorten his life. Little Larry is Ronnie Earl’s younger brother who never quite made the leap from redneck to rocket scientist. The two brothers like to hunt for the Swamp Ape in the Florida Everglades. Little Larry swears he saw him once.

Swamp Ape – A bigfoot-like creature that has been seen in the swamps of Florida. Ronnie Earl and Little Larry spend their weekends searching for him. Unknown to the two boys, Swamp Apes, Bigfoot, Yetis, etc. are sent down from UFOs to gather biological samples. That’s why they are rarely seen, and then only in sparsely populated areas. They’re very intelligent and can speak. Their voice, however, sounds like a series of burps and it’s pretty disgusting. For that reason, not many people talk to them. The Swamp Ape is known to the boys as a “Lookie” (not a Wookie) because they say things like, “Lookie, there he is!” or, “Lookie, Ronnie Earl, I seen ‘im!” One day the boys witness the crash of an alien spaceship near their home, and much to their surprise, Lookie crawls out of the damaged ship (along with Lexy).  Lexy needs help repairing the ship, and Ronnie Earl is fascinated by the technology and offers to help. Little Larry follows him everywhere so he stays too. Besides, they really got nuthin’ goin’ at the trailer park back home, and who wouldn't want a chance to go on a space adventure?

The game starts with Lexy's ship crashing into Area 53.1.  To help her repair her ship and escape from Earth, you'll need to explore Area 53.1 and surrounding areas.  Work together with Lexy and her crew to complete your goals while keeping the ship out of evil alien hands and helping the crew avoid capture!