Multimorphic, Inc. manufacturers the P3, a modern, physical, multi-game pinball platform, as well as pinball machine control system products, such as the P-ROC and P3-ROC.

Our team is made up of both up-and-coming and best-of-breed engineers, artists, and designers, including popular and successful pinball personalities with decades of history in the industry. Just as the P3 combines old and new technologies, we want both traditional pinball and bleeding-edge design philosophies represented on our team. With outside-the-box thinking being a cornerstone of our design methodology, the sky is truly the limit for our future and for the future of pinball.

Our History

Multimorphic began as PinballControllers.com in 2009 with a desire to bring new ideas and innovations to the pinball industry. We started by developing the P-ROC control system so that pinball hobbyists could develop and run custom code on their existing machines. In mid-2009, the P-ROC became the first off-the-shelf pinball controller board and served to kickstart a much more active pinball development community. It also played a significant role in the eventual rise of new pinball manufacturing companies.

As the popularity of the P-ROC grew, and as people began using it to control their custom machines, it became clear that there was a need for new driver boards. So in 2011, we designed the PDBs (P-ROC Driver Boards). Just as the P-ROC was (and still is) the most advanced controller board, the PDBs became (and remain) the most advanced driver boards in the industry. They were designed with simplicity, modularity, and serviceability in mind, and we were successful on each point.

Multimorphic, Inc.

In 2012, we added design resources to start building a new, innovative pinball machine that would address the needs of modern pinball consumers. Some of our main objectives were to include modern technology without sacrificing traditional pinball gameplay mechanics, to significantly lower the price of owning a library of games, and to eliminate the need for lots of space for lots of games.

With this enormous challenge ahead of us, we changed the company name to Multimorphic, Inc. and set about designing the world’s first modular, multi-game, physical pinball platform – the P3. The guiding principal was (and still is) to combine the traditional, physical features that we all love about pinball with new technologies, like dynamic artwork and comprehensive ball position tracking, but to do so in such a way that multiple games (with different software and physical shot layouts) could be played in the same machine.

P3s started shipping in July 2017.

Our Future

Moving forward, we’re focused on delivering the best customer experiences in the industry and expanding the multi-game ecosystem. In addition to developing new Multimorphic-branded P3 games, we’re continuing to improve our P3 development kit and distribution model to help 3rd-party game developers make their own P3 games and sell them to customers around the world. The P3 game catalog will therefore continue to grow with new physical playfield modules, game software, and artistic content, and pinball fans will be able to enjoy a wide variety of gameplay experiences.

One machine, many games, endless fun!