Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is the P3 a real pinball machine or a virtual pinball machine?

REAL and PHYSICAL! The P3 is the same size/shape as traditional pinball machines, and it has real balls, flippers, bumpers, targets, ramps, loops, etc. The P3 replaces a traditional wooden lower playfield with a touchscreen LCD, thereby adding dynamic and interactive artwork to enhance the physical experience.

How much gameplay variety can you really get by changing out the upper third of the playfield?

A lot! We already have four playfields that are completely different from each other. Heist, Cosmic Cart Racing, and Lexy Lightspeed – Escape from Earth all have very different traditional configuration with a variety of physical mechanisms and shot paths. Cannon Lagoon has a more basic 5 shot-lane layout.

The upper playfield isn’t the only area that’s modular. Physical mechanisms can be swapped in anywhere over the playfield surface for even more gameplay variety. See the following video (modularity discussed @ 0:22):

In addition to the variety of features on upper playfield modules, future games will also add physical features to areas above the lower playfield LCD. Just as we float the flippers, slingshots, and side targets above the playfield surface today, we’ll do the same with other features, such as ramps, pop bumpers, spinners, etc. All it takes is some creative engineering.

What do I have to reconfigure in software when I install a new module?

Nothing! The system automatically recognizes the installed module and enables only the games and features that work with the installed module.

The floating flippers and slingshots are quite unique. Will they be reliable?

Obviously the feel and reliability of the flippers and slingshots are very important to pinball, and we are spending a lot of engineering cycles ensuring they live up to all of our high standards. Our current design passes 1,000,000 cycle tests.

What do I do if something breaks on my machine?

We designed the P3 with serviceability in mind. Just about everything on the machine can be removed with very little effort, allowing you to either repair a broken item or replace it quickly to reduce down-time. We also encourage you to make use of our support site. There you can access our ever-growing knowledge base and/or report and get help with new issues.

I want to make a game for the P3. How do I get started?

See the 3rd Party Developers page.

How big is the P3? What are its dimensions? What about playfield modules and shipping boxes?

Please see the P3 Machine Dimensions document.