3rd-Party Developers

The P3 is a true multi-game platform. It does for physical pinball the same thing video game consoles do for video games; it gives customers the ability to play many different games on the same machine. On the P3, games are defined by software and a physical shot layout (upper playfield module), both of which are easily changed. We’ll be developing a number of games ourselves, and others can develop games too!

By making the P3 an open platform, we’re encouraging people outside of Multimorphic to develop their own games. On the software side, we’re providing a software development kit (SDK), where we’ve documented how to write game applications for the P3 and provided tools to assist in the process. All of our apps are currently written in C#/mono on top of the Unity Game Engine. On the hardware side, we’ve documented the upper playfield module mechanical specs and electrical connections to help develop new playfield modules and get them working on the P3.

In other words, we’re streamlining the development process of creating and distributing pinball games for the P3 so that game developers can focus on content and game physics.

To access to our developer information, first create an account on our Account Page. Then click over to the support page -> Customer Support Resources -> 3rd Party Development Kit.