Backbox Display


High Definition Backbox Display for the P3.

This display can be installed in all existing P3 machines. It comes with all necessary mounting hardware and cables.

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(Note – All P3 machines purchased from Multimorphic after 3/20/2020 already include this backbox display)

The backbox display is a beautiful, 1080p high definition LCD that transforms the look of the P3 by adding dynamic content to the backbox. Players and onlookers will all enjoy seeing the screen react to what happens on the machine, whether you’re just scrolling through the game library or playing a game with dynamic upper screen content.

Note – this does not replace the P3‘s built-in playfield display. This is a secondary display that shows different content in the machine’s backbox.

Many P3 games now include dynamic backbox content. Other games currently show their translite images.

Additional information

Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 30 × 19 × 6 in