Backbox Update Kit


P3s manufactured prior to 2022 can now be upgraded to the newer-style backbox with software-dimmable speaker panel lightbox, RGB-lit speakers, and topper support!

This kit contains all of the new parts required to upgrade your backbox.

Shipping times are estimated at 3-4 weeks.

This upgrade kit will help you transform your pre-2022 P3‘s backbox into the modern version, as shown here:

Examples of old and new backboxes with Final Resistance artwork
(speaker panel artwork sold separately)

The kit includes:

  • Wooden backbox assembled, painted black, and with attached metal skins for magnetic backbox artwork
  • Illuminated Speaker Panel / Lightbox, including:
    • RGB-lit speakers
    • Sound-channeling speaker tubes and grill
    • Powder coated metal framing and hinge mounting brackets
    • Dimmable LEDs to illuminate speaker panel artwork (artwork not included)
    • Lock and keys
  • New printed LCD-framing backglass with protective trim and lift channel
  • Backbox breakout PCB for local power distribution and topper support
  • PD-LED circuit board
  • 5V/10A power supply to power local and topper LEDs
  • Low profile motherboard mounting plate
  • Graphics card mounting bracket
  • Backbox LCD mounting brackets
  • All necessary cables
  • All necessary hardware, cable clips, and zip ties
  • New warning labels

All other components will come from your old backbox, including things like the LCD, computer components, ATX power supply and mounting bracket, audio amplifier, and SSD.

Assembly instructions are coming soon.

Additional information

Weight 47 lbs
Dimensions 31.5 × 31.5 × 16.5 in