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Power Entry Board (version 4)

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The Power Entry board simplifies power distribution and addresses many common problems encountered by custom pinball developers.

Features include:
  1. AC (110 or 220v) power distribution across 7 headers
  2. AC (110 or 220v) relay* – An 8th A/C header is only active when the relay is engaged. The relay requires the presence of 12v on one of the board’s 12v headers.
  3. DC (5, 12, 15, 48v) power distribution, each with status LEDs.
  4. Power filtering on the 48v rail to supply large amounts of current on demand to 48v devices.
  5. Common grounding for all connected voltages
  6. Designed for improved signal integrity on all voltage rails.
* Rev 4 boards have the relay on an AC header. Previous version boards had the relay on the 48v DC input.

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Power Entry Specifications (Rev 4)
Power Entry Specifications (Rev 3)

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Sample Configuration

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