Cosmic Cart Racing


Cosmic Cart Racing is a game kit for the P3 Pinball Platform.

Shipping time for new orders is estimated at 3-5 days.

Cart Racing… in space!

Cosmic Cart Racing brings fast-paced cart-style racing to the P3. Your mastery of the flippers and pinball determine your fate, and multiple games within the game give you many ways to enjoy the experience:

  • Career Mode: This is a 3-ball pinball game where you complete modes to raise money, upgrade your cart, enter races, and attempt to become the Cosmic Cart Racing champion!

  • Arcade Mode: Take turns with up to 3 other players racing in heats. Winners move on to progressively harder tracks and better opponents.

  • Internet/LAN Mode: Race over the network against other players on other machines! Battle each other in head-to-head gameplay. Play powerups against other players and try to beat them to the finish line!

  • Cosmic Cart Racing includes a brand new physical playfield module that swaps into your P3, and that module combines a flowing shot layout sure to please any pinball adrenaline junkie with the most advanced technology ever designed into a playfield. With over 900 individually controlled multi-color LEDs, the light shows are out of this world, and the 3-stage magnet ramp locks enable gameplay features never seen before in pinball.

    Cabinet artwork sold separately: Cosmic Cart Racing Artwork

    Additional information

    Weight 35 lbs
    Dimensions 24 × 24 × 24 in

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