We are incredibly excited to introduce The Princess Bride pinball game for the P3 Pinball Platform!

Video Introduction

The game is based on the 1987 film and is loaded with video clips, quotes, and dynamic content that guide the player through all of the iconic scenes. The physical playfield includes interactive features modeled directly from the film, such as Humperdinck’s Castle, Miracle Max’s Hut, the Cliffs of Insanity, where the pinball physically climbs up the cliffs, and much more.

Click this image for a detailed description of The Princess Bride game kit:

Ordering options include Standard and Limited Edition game kits for existing P3 owners at USD 3,750 and 5,000, and Standard, Limited, and Collector’s Edition configurations for those purchasing a new P3 at USD 11,500, 12,750, and 13,750, respectively. The Collector’s Edition (limited to only 500 units) is the ultimate collectible for a superfan of the film, as it comes with replica Inigo swords mounted to the cabinet, bronze powder-coated hardware, a custom backbox LCD-framing glass, a numbered plaque, signed certificate of authenticity, and more.

Production begins this summer!

Pre-orders open on Tuesday, February 20th at 9am Central Time direct from Multimorphic’s website at https://www.multimorphic.com and with authorized Multimorphic distributors. Please note that our distribution model has changed significantly from previous releases. We are now partnering with only one distributor in each large geographic region. They are listed at https://www.multimorphic.com/distribution-partners/.

Direct links to product pages for The Princess Bride P3 machines:
The Princess Bride Collector’s Edition P3
The Princess Bride Limited Edition P3
The Princess Bride Standard Edition P3

Direct links to product pages for The Princess Bride P3 game kits:
The Princess Bride Limited Edition game kit
The Princess Bride Standard Edition game kit

Note – All editions include the same playfield module and game software. Differences between editions are described in the feature matrix below:

We have a number of changes and improvements to the P3 platform in progress. All P3s shipping upon the start of The Princess Bride production will include all of the changes. They include new front cabinet artwork, RGB speaker lights as a stock feature (instead of an option), and all of the machine improvements discussed in previous updates. Upgrade kits will be made available to existing P3 owners at that time.

Along with the improvements comes new pricing. A base P3 machine without a game kit is now $8,500 and includes the previously optional RGB speaker lights. The machine can be purchased with a playfield module installed at the Multimorphic factory for 20% off of the playfield module’s price. For example, The Princess Bride playfield module ($3,750) can be purchased in a new P3 for $8,500 + $3,000 = $11,500. As another example, The Weird Al’s Museum of Natural Hilarity playfield module ($3,500) can be purchased in a new P3 machine for $8,500 + $2,800 = $11,300, which is a $700 savings over previous pricing and includes all of the upgrades.

One final note – the ordering process on the Multimorphic website requires you to have an account on the site. So for those of you looking to reserve a machine or game kit right at 9am Central Time on Tuesday, we recommend creating an account now so you’ll be ready!