Hi all – we have lots to talk about!

We hope many of you have gotten a chance to play The Princess Bride and other P3 games at shows this year.  The Princess Bride was on display at Allentown Pinfest this past weekend in P3 distributor Justin Wise’s booth, and we just shipped out pre-production playfields to a couple of our amazing customers, who will be hosting them at the Golden State Pinball Festival and the Quebec Pinball Show (SPAQ) later this month.

P3 and game kit production continues to run smoothly, and I’m proud to announce that as of last week, we’ve made it through the Final Resistance backlog.  With FR production beginning in August 2023, that means we were able to get through our then-record-breaking FR order queue in under 9 months.  Aside from The Princess Bride, which is scheduled to begin production later this summer, all game kits and P3 machines are in stock.  So our production team is now focused on building as many machines as possible for The Princess Bride to help accelerate those shipments later this year.  In the meantime, new machine orders typically take 2-3 days to be configured, tested, and prepared for shipping, and game kit orders usually ship the next day.  

Quality and reliability of the P3 have received increased attention over the last year, and we’ve taken significant strides towards our goal of making the P3 the most reliable machine in the industry.  All machines shipped since March 2024 have all of the upgraded parts we’ve discussed in previous updates.  All machines shipped prior to March 2024 are eligible for the 2024 Quality Update Kit.  Registered owners of eligible machines can ‘order’ the kit at: https://www.multimorphic.com/store/accessories/quality-update-kit-2024/.  Use the coupon code FREEPARTS2024 to reduce the cost of the kit from $250 to $0.  Note – the coupon code can be used only once per account.  If you own multiple eligible P3s and need multiple kits, please order only one and list the serial numbers for each machine in the order notes.  All orders using the coupon code will be checked against our database of registered machines.  Kit orders will be shipped in batches of 100, starting next week and continuing every couple of weeks thereafter.

While claiming your Quality Update Kits, please consider some of these other new product offerings:

Backbox Upgrade Kit – This is the long-awaited kit to convert older P3 backboxes with the black metal speaker panel to the newer style backbox with speaker panel lightbox, RGB-lit speakers, built-in topper support, and more!  This kit comes with a lot of components, including the complete wooden backbox assembly, the pre-assembled speaker panel lightbox with the RGB speaker lighting, additional PCBs, new windowed backglass, etc.  Check out the full list on the product page.

Side Target LED Board Update Kit – This kit replaces the side target LED boards and cables with versions that have friction-lock connectors that should never vibrate loose.  Note – this kit works only with Side Target Flipper Assemblies and has already been installed on all machines shipping since March 2024.

P3 T-Shirts – Choose from 4 different styles of P3 logo shirts and the Revolutionary P3 shirt.  Quantities are very limited and vary per style and size.  Feel free to order once stock is depleted, as we’ll be replenishing stock soon.

Speaker Panel Artwork Pre-Order – We’ve added new speaker panel designs for most of our older artwork packages.  Please pre-order the designs you want so we can make sure to have enough for everybody!  Note – no need to pre-order The Princess Bride speaker panels, as we’ll have plenty of inventory of those.

Front Cabinet Artwork Pre-Order – When The Princess Bride production begins, all new P3s will ship with front cabinet artwork, and the front artwork pieces can be added to older P3s too!  Unlike the side cabinet magnet artwork, these pieces are printed plastics that you can mount with just a few strategically placed screws.  So they’ll still be easy to swap, but they’ll also be securely mounted.  We’ve created designs for most of our older artwork packages.  Please pre-order the designs you want so we can make sure to have enough for everybody!  Note – no need to pre-order The Princess Bride front artwork, as we’ll have plenty of inventory of those.

Note – The previously announced new side target covers with flipper cutouts will be added to the Multimorphic webstore later this summer, the same time The Princess Bride production begins.  Those parts are being fabricated now and will be in stock when orders open. For those interested in the technical resources we’re continuing to add to our resource library, read on!

In addition to improving the quality of many of the parts in the P3, we also promised to share the print files for some of the parts that are 3D-printed. This is for those who want to print their own spares or experiment with different colors.  You can find the files linked in the various sections here: (Note – login required.  Please re-click the link if you’re logged in and it doesn’t take you right there).  For each game kit, they’re listed in the General Information section.  

For the Button Boxes, we’ve shared even more information, including descriptions, connector pinouts, printable files for each major component, and even working files for the full left and right assemblies.  This provides a head start for anybody wanting to make their own button box configuration to, among other things, experiment with different button placement.  

We’ve also added some great technical information to help operators and pinball techs easily dig deeper into the machine.  Here is a link for details on the Base Machine Wiring, which includes features, the pins they’re connected to on the various switch and driver boards, and wire colors, as appropriate.  Similar information for each game kit will be added in the coming days.

Keep the suggestions coming!  We want you to feel comfortable with the P3, and, just like with any pinball machine, that takes information, experience, and support.

– Gerry Stellenberg
Multimorphic, Inc.