Ranger in the Ruins


A connected P3 experience!

Find as many of the items from players all over the world in your quest to beat the high score and survive.

This game application requires the Cosmic Cart Racing P3 playfield module. An Internet connection is not required to play.

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A new pinball experience for the P3 pinball platform, developed by Nick Baldridge, host of For Amusement Only: the E.M. and Bingo Pinball Podcast and co-author of Coin-Op Carnival, Ranger In The Ruins combines elements of rogue-like games and score attack pinball in a brand new game that is unlike traditional modern pinball games.

When you start, you begin in a world you don’t yet understand.

You are a ranger, a wanderer in the crumbling cities of a civilization from the distant past. Scavenge what living you can from what remains of the buildings while fighting the loneliness of your existence. As one of the last remaining humans, you fight to keep yourself alive. The world is a mysterious place, and those who have fallen previously might still be lurking.

In a first for pinball, if your P3 is connected to the Internet*, you may encounter the spirits of previous rangers. These spirits may offer you an item, but beware, not all items are helpful. Discover the unique effects of the items, and become a Revered Ranger!

Operator adjustments are available to set the number of balls, disable extra balls, and disable instant multiball modes.

Exist. Survive. Persist.

* Note: ghost data will be saved locally if you do not have an Internet connection available.