Blood Bank Billiards


Quit stalking and start chalking. Inspired by the billiards-based pinball machines of the past, Blood Bank Billiards by Ian Harrower Games is a tribute to the electromechanical era of pinball with a modern twist.

This game application requires the Drained P3 playfield module (sold separately).

A download link will appear in your account page after your purchase is processed. It will also be available for download/install in System Manager if your P3 is connected to your WiFi network.


Game Features

  • The 2 banks of drop targets and back 8 standup targets represent the 14 solids and stripes of eight ball.
  • The gobble hole represents the eight ball.
  • The other 14 standup targets represent the Blood Bank and are in a 1:1 mapping with the object balls.
  • Thematic integration of physical bell and physical knocker.
  • 1 to 4 players can play.
  • Custom artwork by Ian Harrower:
    • Inspired by electromechanical machines, the game shows all scoring and game state using simulated score reels and translite.
    • Engaging playfield graphics that mix the look of silk-screened wood and inserts with some modern surprises.
  • Over 300 custom callouts performed by Glenn Waecher.

Promo Video

Inspired by the electromechanical era


Blood Bank Billiards uses the LCD display in the backbox of the P3 to create the feeling of an electromechanical (EM) pinball machine. The scoring is displayed using reels. The players, ball counts, tilt, extra balls and over the top indicators are all represented as they would be on a silk-screened backglass. Although the game does use a single set of score reels, it supports up to 4 players. The game even simulates tracking the high score using a grease pencil.


We continue the EM inspiration down into the playfield with a design that mostly replicates a printed playfield with static inserts. This is blended with dynamic icons for the Blood Bank. In the center, there is a cutout that gives a view into the 3D scene and where we also display animations. The light shows also try to stay true to the EM era, but we do use some RGB effects to help communicate things to the player.

The sound design of the game reinforces the EM theme with mechanical reel sounds, EM chimes on scoring, and an over the top buzzer. This is further realized with integration of the Drained module physical bell and knocker.

Additionally, there is a subtle lighting effect when you flip that dims the lights like in an EM where the power draw of the flipper coils will dim the GI lighting.

Please see Blood Bank Billiards page at Ian Harrower Games for more information about the game.

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