Drained Bite-Sized


Speed-Running Multiball Challenge!

This game application requires the Drained P3 playfield module.

A download link will appear in your account page after your purchase is processed. It will also be available for download/install in System Manager if your P3 is connected to your WiFi network.

Drained Bite-Sized is a speed running, multiball challenge from designer Nick Baldridge of For Amusement Only Games, LLC.

As in Drained, the goal is to slay 15 different vampires.

The game starts each player with 25,000 points.

Every switch hit removes some points.

The gobble hole, which will slay the vampire, will add 10,000 points to the total, and add another ball into play.

Vampire battles start automatically. The walls will raise and lower to block and allow access to the gobble hole on a timed basis. Completing the vampire mode will force the walls to lower. Mode shots can be spotted by completing item sequences – with enough successful shots, the walls will remain lowered, allowing access to the gobble hole.

Each slain vampire’s time is tracked on the backglass – it is possible to slay a sleeping vampire in the seconds before a new ball launches, but there is a tradeoff: only one additional ball is added to play. Up to 16 balls can be launched into play.

Slay all 15 vampires, then loot the castle! During these victory laps, switches score positive amounts of points.

Gameplay proceeds until all balls in play are lost.

Game Features

New High Score Tables completion times of the game, individual battles, largest number of slayings in a game, lowest scores and highest scores.

Fast games allowing faster player turnover, and multiple ways for players to compete against each other or the machine.

Medal System when using a profile, play the game in new and interesting ways.

Stream-Connect support with unique commands to help or hinder the streamer.

Enhanced operator audits, as with all For Amusement Only Games game kits.

New light shows in various modes to accentuate the gameplay action.

Music and effects from Charles Wolf Music.

Stake vampires with alacrity in Drained Bite-Sized!

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