Accidents happen. We get that, and we want to help make sure minor accidents don’t turn into expensive ordeals. Therefore, we are now offering a board repair service for all Multimorphic circuit boards.

Repairs will cost $50 per hour (at 5 minute intervals) plus any necessary parts and return shipping. Most repairs take about 30 minutes, but every issue is different. If a board is not repairable or would cost more to repair than to replace, we’ll let you know and give you the option to buy a new board for standard retail pricing.

To make use of this service, please email [email protected] and request an RMA # before sending back your boards.

Please note, if you purchased your boards from a Multimorphic distributor, or if they came in a production machine from another manufacturer, please contact that distributor or manufacturer first. They will help walk through basic debugging steps and see if the issues are covered under warranty. If you’re still having issues and want to make use of our repair service, then feel free to contact us.