Multimorphic’s industry leading P-ROC control system just got even better. PD-LED boards can now control motors! In addition to controlling up to 682 RGB LEDs (or 2048 individual LEDs), v3 PD-LED boards can control up to 12 servo motors and up to 2 stepper motors.

The PD-LED’s servo motor control is better than 1-degree resolution, which is orders of magnitude better than other solutions, and controlling servos requires only a single command to set the rotation value.

Stepper motor control is pulse-based, allowing it to work with inexpensive, off-the-shelf stepper motor drivers like the StepStick or EasyDriver. Controlling steppers is just as easy as programming servos, requiring you to write only a single command with the direction and pulse count.

Full software support for servos and steppers through the PD-LED will soon be available in popular pinball frameworks, including the P3 Development Kit, SkeletonGame, and MPF. Working example code is available now from Multimorphic.

V3 PD-LED boards are available now from our webstore, and they’re fully backwards compatible with v2 boards. V2 boards can be updated for a $10 processing fee + return shipping. Please email [email protected] for more information.

At Multimorphic, we continue to drive innovation in the pinball industry with new features in our P-ROC control system products and our P3, a modular and multi-game physical pinball platform. For more information about any of our products, please visit