Bird Watcher


Grab your camera gear and head to the field. Bird Watcher is a relaxing timed add-on game by Ian Harrower Games. You play as a twitcher (a person who is very keen on finding and watching rare birds). Your goal is just that, find and photograph the birds that appear.
Beware, you have limited time before your camera runs out of battery.

This game application can be played on any of the following playfield modules (Sold separately):

A download link will appear in your account page after your purchase is processed. It will also be available for download/install in System Manager if your P3 is connected to your WiFi network.


Game Features

  • Timed gameplay is accessible to players of any skill level.
  • Works on all production P3 modules as of July 2023.
  • 15 custom modeled low poly birds
    • Featuring a local bird for each production P3 module.
    • Special uncommon and rare birds to collect.
    • A few surprises for you to discover.
  • 3D environments and birds rendered in realtime.
  • Backbox shows viewfinder that tracks the birds.
  • Roll over the birds to snap a photograph using the ball-tracking capability of the P3.
  • Bird Book that maintains your collection across games. Can you fill your bird book?

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Play On All Modules

Bird Watcher is designed to work on all production P3 modules as of July 2023. Currently supported modules are CCR, CL, Drained, Heist, LL-EE and WAMONH. Each features a unique environment inspired by the module theme and a local bird that is more likely to appear in that environment.

Lexy Lightspeed - Escape From Earth Canon Lagoon Cosmic Cart Racing Heist Weird Al's Museum of Natural Hilarity Drained
Backbox, playfield and local bird for each module.

Collection Maintained in Player Profile


Collecting photos is a main feature of the game. If you play logged into a profile, your Bird Book will track all the birds you have seen and photographed across all games. There are even some surprises to collect.

Please see Bird Watcher page at Ian Harrower Games for more information about the game.

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