Multimorphic, Inc. is excited to introduce an enhanced flipper experience for the P3. Upgraded P3 flipper assemblies deliver more ball control and more consistent flip power, thereby helping the player feel better connected to the immersive gameplay experiences the system delivers.

The P3 is a revolutionary multi-game pinball platform, and the P3‘s flippers are unique in the pinball industry. They float over the surface of the dynamic playfield, allowing an interactive playing experience everywhere the ball can roll. Because the flippers are the primary mechanism for controlling the ball, optimizing the function and feel of the flippers was a top priority when designing the P3 platform, and since Multimorphic is committed to ensuring its customers have the best playing experiences possible, the flippers are now getting even better.

As of today, all new P3 machines shipping from the Multimorphic factory will include the enhanced flippers, and existing P3 owners will soon be able to add the same enhancements by installing a Flipper Upgrade Kit.

The Flipper Upgrade Kit is a combination of hardware, firmware, and software updates that all work together to deliver consistent and powerful flips no matter the velocity of the incoming ball or the part of the flipper bat it contacts. When added to the existing P3 flipper assembly, which is designed to ensure newly installed bats are always perfectly aligned, this kit makes the P3 flippers some of the best-feeling flippers in the pinball industry today. Early testers agree:

“With the upgrade kit, the P3‘s flippers go from good to great,” says Kevin Manne of Buffalo Pinball. “I immediately noticed increased strength and shot accuracy, as well as improved response when the ball hits the flipper. And with built-in software adjustments, you can dial the flippers in exactly how you like them.”

Nick Baldridge, 3rd-party P3 game developer and host of the For Amusement Only podcast, says, “With the new flipper kit, the P3‘s flippers remain the snappiest I’ve ever used, even when presented with challenging layouts with extremely fast-moving balls like Cosmic Cart Racing.”

Long-time customer Ian Harrower adds, “I could feel the difference with the flipper update kit immediately on my first game of Sorcerer’s Apprentice. Fast ejects from the scoop no longer overpowered the flipper, giving me much more control, especially in multiball. Playing Lexy with the upgrade kit also felt great. I was picking off agents like never before, and in my first play session made it to the final wizard mode for the first time!”

Existing customers wanting to pre-order the upgrade kit can do so today at Pre-ordered kits are expected to ship in the first quarter of 2022. Installation is fairly straightforward, but customers who purchase the kit and prefer not to install the hardware themselves will be able to ship their flipper assembly to the Multimorphic factory to have the kit installed by an on-staff technician.

Stay tuned for more updates as Multimorphic continues pushing the P3 platform forward and adding more content and features for its valued customers.

For those wanting to purchase a new P3 machine, please contact Multimorphic or one of its distributors. The current estimated lead-time for new machines is 16-18 weeks.