As we get ready for the 2019 Texas Pinball Festival, we’re proud to announce two more pinball firsts:

1) Cosmic Cart Racing, the 3rd complete game kit for the P3 Pinball Platform now works in 4-way simultaneous play. That’s 4 machines, 1 player per machine, connected together over Wi-Fi, joined in a single race.

2) Multimorphic and pinball hobbyist Greg Goldey are releasing Hoopin’ It Up, a new basketball-themed P3 game that works with the Lexy Lightspeed playfield module, as a free download for all P3 owners. This offer is Multimorphic’s way of thanking its customers for their continued support and adding even more value to each P3 purchase, and it fulfills Greg’s goals of developing a fun game and showing other pinball fans that anybody can create a game for the P3.

Cosmic Cart Racing

Cosmic Cart Racing brings cart-style racing to physical pinball. It includes a fast, flowing upper playfield design, boasts the most impressive lightshow ever created in pinball, and has a gravity-defining, multi-stage ramp ball-locking mechanism. These features, combined with dynamic backbox content on the optional P3 Backbox Display and new artwork by comic artist Jackson Gee, present an out-of-this-world racing experience on the P3.

Players experienced 2-way simultaneous racing across two P3s at the Houston Arcade Expo in Oct. 2018, and they can race up to three of their friends in 4-way simultaneous play at the up-and-coming 2019 Texas Pinball Festival in Frisco Texas. Shoot the shots, win the race!

Hoopin’ It Up

Hoopin’ It Up (HIU) is a basketball-themed game that operates on the Lexy Lightspeed playfield module. It was conceived and developed by pinball hobbyist and P3 owner Greg Goldey. See product page at Downloads are available immediately from Multimorphic customer account pages at

HIU “stays true” to the fundamentals of basketball by allowing players to score points (two and three pointers and slam dunks), shoot free throws (one point each), as well as earn rebounds and assists while trying to avoid turnovers, shot clock violations, and personal fouls. The player tries to score as many points as possible within two time periods (halves). Between periods, mini-games are played for further challenge and to earn time towards an extra overtime period.

Greg Goldey of Castle Pines, Colorado, was born, raised, and went to college in Rapid City, South Dakota. He worked in the defense industry for a few years before joining Dish Network as a software engineer/manager where he spent 26 years working on their satellite television technology. He retired a year ago primarily to take care of his ailing mother, who has since passed.

Greg has a software development background but, before HIU, he hadn’t programmed in over 15 years. His main hobby is restoring and creating pinball machines. He built from scratch (parts) a Medieval Madness and Monster Bash (ala Wally G.) and is always restoring a game.

From Greg:

“Writing my own game has always been on my pinball “bucket list”. I wanted a theme that I knew well with rules that were mostly pre-defined so that I could concentrate on learning the P3 software development environment (Unity, P3 interfaces, audio creation, graphics creation, etc.). I also wanted the creative freedom to implement pinball basketball in my own vision. I am very pleased with the initial results and believe I can build upon this game in the future when time permits.

“I started developing the game in February, 2018 and basically finished a year later. I took my time researching, defining and/or coding a few hours a day, and learned the different development aspects as I progressed.

“My interest in Multimorphic stems from my desire to create pinball machines. The P3 provides me with the platform to design and develop my own game(s) both the hardware and software. I enjoyed developing HIU so much I recently volunteered with Multimorphic to work on future games and platform capabilities.”

Be sure to visit us at the 2019 Texas Pinball Festival. We’ll have a number of P3s set up for free play, and Multimorphic founder Gerry Stellenberg will be presenting a seminar about “Why Pinball Needs Innovation” at 2pm on Saturday.