Multimorphic Inc., the manufacturer of the revolutionary P3 multi-game pinball platform, today announced “Heist” – the new flagship game for the P3.

Full game intro

Multimorphic’s new Heist pinball game lets you help take back Ocean City, where your crew is set out to defeat Mr. Big, the evil overlord who has everything under his corrupt control. The Heist crew knows a good mark when they see one! Meet Maggie Machado – Mastermind, Franklin Cooper – Safecracker, Liz Sterling – Hacker, Leo Myshkin – Demolition, Willie Burnett – Driver, and Kat Burgess – Cat Burglar.

Heist delivers the most immersive experience ever developed for the P3, with a story, artwork, videos, and playfield features that bring you right into Ocean City. Use the new upper flipper to shoot skillfully across town and then battle Mr. Big’s crane in various ways all over the playfield. Other interactive features include a bashable jail cell, diverters on every ramp and loop, and even a high wire act to get you stealthy access into Mr. Big’s secret lab. Recruit your crew, run various jobs, avoid the cops, and teach Mr. Big a long overdue lesson!

Heist is the 3rd pinball game for the P3 platform that showcases what the P3 brings to the pinball collector, after Lexy Lightspeed – Escape From Earth and Cosmic Cart Racing 2.0, and adds to an already substantial library of games. New customers can purchase a P3 with any or all of the existing games, and existing customers can purchase Heist for a fraction of the price of single-themed machines. Heist retails for $2500, plus another $250 for the upper flipper assembly. After installing the backwards-compatible upper flipper assembly, game swaps take under 2 minutes and require no tools. Also every new Heist P3 configuration will include our LCD backbox to further enhance the Heist experience.

Playfields are built and shipping now. Order yours today!

This immersive theme and fast gameplay experience is powered by Multimorphic’s P-ROC Control System. The P3-ROC board is the heart of system and connects to small driver and switch boards to efficiently control features distributed around the playfield. This advanced system significantly reduces wiring and debug complexity and subsequently customer support needs. For more information about these and other boards, and to purchase them for your own projects, please visit the Circuit Boards section of our online store.