As we head to the Houston Arcade Expo this weekend, we’re excited to announce a number of exciting new additions to our product lineup, all of which will be on display on our machines at the show:

New cabinet artwork for Lexy Lightspeed – Escape From Earth
New cabinet artwork for Cosmic Cart Racing
– A high-definition backbox display
– Software updates

You spoke. We listened, and we asked comic artist Jackson Gee to develop new cabinet artwork for Lexy Lightspeed – Escape From Earth. The resulting artwork allows P3 owners to give their P3‘s a whole new look. We also had Jackson create new cabinet artwork for Cosmic Cart Racing.

As with all artwork for the P3, these new pieces can be installed in seconds. It’s a simple matter to pull off one set of magnets and install another one. You can change the artwork every time you swap physical playfields or just when you want to change the look of your machine. Existing machine owners can purchase the new artwork from our online store, and new machine buyers can choose which package they want shipped with their machines.

(Operators: Don’t forget to add our Artwork Protectors to your machine to keep people from removing the magnets on location.)

Another way to transform the look of the P3 is to add our new high definition backbox display! This new display can be added to any P3, and it turns the backbox into a beautiful dynamic canvas. Whether its showing game images or fully dynamic content, this display adds a whole new visual dimension to the machine.

Installing the new backbox display is easy. It comes with two brackets that fit into existing backboxes and cables that plug into connectors already available in the backbox. The price will be $899, and backbox displays will start shipping next month. Cosmic Cart Racing is the first Multimorphic game to have dynamic content on the backbox display, and we’ll later be adding dynamic content to Lexy Lightspeed – Escape From Earth and Lexy Lightspeed – Secret Agent Showdown so that people standing around the machine can easily watch the player’s progress and see everybody’s scores. New machine buyers wanting to add the backbox display to their machines can add it to their order, and we’ll install it at the factory. It will be available for purchase through our website after we return from the show next week, but you can reserve one today by emailing [email protected].

For game developers, adding content to the upper display is relatively easy. By default the display will show a static image, usually the game’s translite, and adding dynamic content to the display is no different technically than adding content to the main playfield LCD. To be clear, content on the upper display can be completely different than what’s displayed on the playfield LCD. It’s totally up to the game developer.

Our development team is hard at work developing more content (games and artwork) and also improving existing content. We’ve long talked about software updates to our existing applications to add features and improve customer experiences, and those updates will be available next week. Existing customers will receive an email with more information and instructions then.

For those of you attending pinball events this weekend, have a great time! We’ll have network-linked Cosmic Cart Racing machines available for play at the Houston show. CCR will start shipping to customers in November.

– Gerry