Last month we announced that production of the P3, our revolutionary pinball platform, has begun. Here are some updated details:

– First production run: 25 machines
– Assembly in March and April, shipping in April
– All 0-dollar pre-order customers have been contacted about participating in the 2nd production run
– They’ve been offered a choice between the following (games not chosen can always be purchased and added later):
—- (a) the P3 with a 5-game package (Lexy Lightspeed – Escape From Earth, Lexy Lightspeed – Secret Agent Showdown, Cannon Lagoon, ROCs, and Barnyard)
—- (b) the P3 with Lexy Lightspeed – Escape From Earth and Cosmic Cart Racing (when it becomes available) – Assembly expected to begin in June/July

As we continue managing the supply chain and working with our partners to ensure the first production run goes as smoothly as possible, we’re also continuing to develop games. Cosmic Cart Racing is our next playfield design, hopefully available by the end of 2017. In the meantime, we and 3rd party developers are creating new games that work with one or both of our existing playfield modules (Lexy Lightspeed and Cannon Lagoon). These new games show our continued desire to deliver varying gameplay mechanics and styles and create games that interest a wide range of players. We’ll have a few machines and many of our games (including 3 new ones) available for play in our booth at the Texas Pinball Festival. We’ll also be describing them in detail (and providing pizza!) during our seminar at 12pm (noon) on Saturday 3/25.

The new games are:

Wizard – A pinball training game – Learn and practice all types of pinball playing techniques
Heads Up! – A fast-paced, head-to-head, network-linked game across two P3 machines
Grand Slam Rally – A baseball game and also the first P3 game developed by a 3rd party

These new games bring the total P3 game count to 8, with multiple games for almost every age group and skill level.

When we talk about multiple games in a single platform, many who haven’t played the P3 confuse our games with virtual pinball on video game platforms. To be clear, the P3 is a physical pinball platform with real balls, flippers, bumpers, targets, ramps, loops, etc. The P3 delivers everything we all love about playing physical pinball and a whole lot more, and it does it all in a single cabinet with the ability to easily switch out game hardware and/or select different game software. We enhance that physical experience with dynamic and interactive playfield artwork in the areas that traditional pinball games have static playfield images.

We had a nice response to our 0-dollar pre-order program, with a good portion of the list converting their orders to actual purchases; so we’re in good shape for the 2nd production run. The most common cancellation reason was from people wanting to wait until machines were built and available for immediate delivery. We understand that position, especially in light of recent events in the industry with other new companies and pre-orders, and we hope to soon grow our business to the point where we can fill orders immediately. At the same time, pre-orders have given us the ability to build and ship games before we reach that point, and we’re grateful for that support and help.

To help us get to the point where we can build up inventory, we’ve expanded the size of our 2nd production run to accommodate everybody who was on the waiting list. We’d like to round out that 2nd run with 20 more orders. While the ‘5 games or CCR’ promotion has expired, all new orders that come in between now and the end of March will receive a $1000 credit, applicable to the purchase of software-only add-on games. Please note – this offer is for new orders only; it will not be applied to previous orders. Also note – this is not a pre-order offer; it’s a build-to-order offer. Payments will be immediately applied to the purchase of parts for the build of those machines, with full assembly expected to begin in June/July when the long lead-time items are scheduled to arrive.

To help put the incentive value into perspective, these are our current and estimated prices:

P3 machine w/ Lexy Lightspeed – Escape From Earth + LL-EE playfield module : $9875
Cannon Lagoon + CL playfield module: $1499 (estimated)
Cosmic Cart Racing + CCR playfield module: $2499 (estimated)
Lexy Lightspeed – Secret Agent Showdown: $149 (estimated) (Requires LL-EE playfield)
ROCs: $399 (estimated) (works with any playfield)
Barnyard: $149 (estimated) (works with any playfield)
Wizard: $499 (estimated) (requires CL playfield)
Heads Up!: $399 (estimated) (requires CL playfield)
Grand Slam Rally: Pice to be determined by the developer (requires CL playfield)

All of our games so far are original themes. We hear the continued feedback suggesting we secure a popular license, and we agree with it, but now isn’t yet the time. For now we’re focused on production, building a reliable product with significant gameplay variety, and delivering both traditional and state-of-the-art features enjoyable by traditional pinball enthusiasts as well as the broader gaming community. Once the P3 ecosystem is rolling smoothly, we’ll be able to support larger game development budgets and secure exciting licenses.

We’ve also received some questions about our relationship with our contract manufacturing partner. We own all of the IP for every custom part in the P3. For now, we’re also managing 100% of the supply chain. Our CM is helping by providing us manufacturing space and resources. As production continues, they’ll be helping us assemble, test, and ship machines all according to our well-documented assembly, test, and logistics processes.

As always, if you have more questions, feel free to contact me directly at any time.

Attached are a bunch of pictures of incoming parts and our TPF ad. We hope to see you there!

– Gerry Stellenberg
Multimorphic, Inc.