Multimorphic, Inc., the manufacturer of the revolutionary P3 pinball platform and leader in pinball innovations, introduces Twitch-Connect for the P3.

Twitch-Connect provides a set of features that can turn any P3 game into a fully interactive pinball experience for Twitch streamers and their viewers. Instead of just watching streamers play pinball, Twitch viewers can participate in the action and directly affect in-game features. That’s stream viewers affecting gameplay on physical P3 pinball games (real balls, real flippers, real targets, bumpers, ramps, and toys) in real-time. Interactive features can be enabled for all viewers, only paying viewers, or a combination of both.

Game features controllable by Twitch viewers are unique to each P3 game and determined by the game developers. Multimorphic’s Cosmic Cart Racing is the first game to adopt Twitch-Connect features, and it allows viewers to play offensive or defensive power-ups on the racers, thereby helping a streamer or the streamer’s opponents. Twitch-Connect features will later roll out for other games in the Multimorphic P3 game library.

Twitch-Connect is the latest in a long list of features offered in the P3 to optionally enhance the physical pinball experiences delivered by each of the four currently available playfield modules. Those features include recently announced internet head-to-head gameplay, USB and Bluetooth headset support, a player profile system used for player-specific settings, team-play, and save/restore state, and a number of interactive physical features found only in the P3.

Twitch streamers are encouraged to contact [email protected] to discuss Twitch-Connect features and to learn how to improve viewer engagement by streaming Twitch-Connect-enabled P3 games. Multimorphic, Buffalo Pinball, and Gammagoat will be demonstrating Twitch-Connect in a 3-way stream of head-to-head Cosmic Cart Racing on Monday, Sept. 7 at 8PM ET.

For more information about Multimorphic products or to purchase a P3 for your home or location, contact your Multimorphic distributor or visit