Dungeon Door Defender


Tower Defense for the P3!

A deceptively simple fusion of pinball and tower defense featuring an assortment of enemies, heroes, magic, environmental attacks, gold, and upgrades. Protect the kingdom’s treasure, locked behind the final door.

This game application requires the Heist playfield module (Sold separately) to play.

A download link will appear in your account page after your purchase is processed. It will also be available for download/install in System Manager if your P3 is connected to your WiFi network.


The first solo/third-party release from Michael Ocean (lead developer on Weird Al’s Museum of Natural Hilarity and Final Resistance), Dungeon Door Defender delivers a new take on the tower defense genre as a pinball experience in a way that only the P3 could deliver. This game is designed exclusively for the Heist playfield module (Sold separately).

playfield image Defend the castle door from wave after wave of attackers using all of the defenses at your disposal: smash enemies with the ball, specific shots summon heroes who will defend the door and attack enemies for you, while other shots collect mana to infuse the ball with powerful magic effects that will aide in your door’s survival against the attackers. Completing the side target banks will release a volley of arrows across the playfield which will damage any enemy in their path. Each enemy who makes it to the door will damage it based on their attack power. Draining the ball will also damage the door. When the door reaches zero health, your game is over.

playfield image Standup targets and lane completions collect gold which can be used in the shop between waves to buy upgrades and repairs. Upgrades will be essential to defending the door, as later waves deeper in the castle consist of new enemies with greater attack power, health, and speed.

While the core of the game is simple, there are many strategies to be discovered. Item availability in the shop varies from wave to wave (and game to game!), and item costs increase after each purchase. Players may choose to buy upgrades based on their individual pinball ability and play style (favoring repairs, increased damage from the ball, or hero upgrades on a particularly comfortable shot on the playfield).

playfield image

This game features traditional pinball scoring with high score tables, but also offers achievement tracking for number of waves cleared, gold spent, and gold hoarded.

Please note that multiplayer games are disabled on this game since a wave does not stop on a ball drain. Players are encouraged to take turns after each game played.

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