Announcing Multimorphic’s PCB Repair Service

Accidents happen. We get that, and we want to help make sure minor accidents don’t turn into expensive ordeals. Therefore, we are now offering a board repair service for all Multimorphic circuit boards. Repairs will cost $50 per hour (at 5 minute intervals) plus any necessary parts and return shipping. Most repairs take about 30 […]

Servo and Stepper Motor Control in PD-LED v3

Multimorphic’s industry leading P-ROC control system just got even better. PD-LED boards can now control motors! In addition to controlling up to 682 RGB LEDs (or 2048 individual LEDs), v3 PD-LED boards can control up to 12 servo motors and up to 2 stepper motors. The PD-LED’s servo motor control is better than 1-degree resolution, […]

New Lexy Lightspeed Artwork and Backbox Display!

As we head to the Houston Arcade Expo this weekend, we’re excited to announce a number of exciting new additions to our product lineup, all of which will be on display on our machines at the show: – New cabinet artwork for Lexy Lightspeed – Escape From Earth – New cabinet artwork for Cosmic Cart […]

All paid orders have been filled!

All paid P3 orders have been filled! That’s a small sentence, but it was no small feat, and it’s just the beginning of Multimorphic’s journey in the pinball/gaming industry. With 2 full game kits and 3 additional mini-games shipping now, another full game kit and 3 more mini-games shipping soon, and even more projects underway […]

Pinball Evolution Achieved!

The attached picture represents the realization of our long-stated vision to manufacture a modular pinball platform and deliver a variety of games and gameplay features in the form of add-on game kits. The goal was enormous, and the challenges were real, but so were the efforts and sacrifices of our team and the support we […]