Multimorphic, Inc., the maker of the revolutionary P3 Pinball Platform, is proud to announce that Dave & Buster’s is currently featuring a new P3 game, Heads Up!, on P3 machines in its Austin, TX location. This is a groundbreaking accomplishment that highlights a resurgence in the popularity of pinball and helps Multimorphic achieve its goal of bringing modern pinball experiences to gamers of all ages and interests.

Known originally for its P-ROC control system, which has enabled a new generation of pinball designers and manufacturing companies to bring exciting new ideas and pinball machines to life, Multimorphic started shipping its P3 Pinball Platform in late 2017. The P3 is a multi-game physical pinball platform best known for its modular shot layouts and interactive playfield artwork. Currently available game kits include Lexy Lightspeed – Escape From Earth, Cosmic Cart Racing, and Cannon Lagoon, and the full game library includes traditional, redemption, and arcade-style games and mini-games.

Heads Up! is a timed game where two players battle each other in real-time across two network-connected P3 machines. Gameplay consists of collecting emeralds, which increase one’s score, and avoiding portals, which appear to teleport balls from one player’s machine to the other’s. It’s simple in concept but layered in strategic complexity, making the game fun for beginners and experts alike.

Also debuting on the P3 machines is Multimorphic’s new dynamic cabinet lighting system, which transform the P3‘s standard-sized pinball cabinet into a gameroom centerpiece. The lighting kit is planned as an add-on for P3 machines, and the infrastructure to integrate cabinet lighting effects into gameplay is currently being implemented in the P3‘s public development kit so all P3 game developers can implement state of the art cabinet light shows in their P3 games.

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