As we increase production volumes and ready the launch of new games in 2020, we want to let our customers know we stand behind them.

Multimorphic evolved the pinball machine, and now we’re evolving our warranty as well. Today we’re introducing an industry leading 2-year limited warranty on all P3 Pinball Platforms and game kits. With our years of experience with in-house testing and feedback from users, we know the reliability we engineered into our machines can be backed by an amazing warranty. Supporting information can be found here at

There are many platform announcements coming in early 2020 as well. For starters, we will be releasing a free software update for Cosmic Cart Racing with many new capabilities, including an entirely new 3-ball gameplay option with modes and multiballs that deliver an exciting, fast-paced, and traditional pinball experience. This will also be one of the first games for which we enable internet gameplay for head to head matches with other P3 owners anywhere in the world.

Stay tuned for additional news as we ready for the The Texas Pinball Expo in March 2020.