Two friends become vampire hunters in the first playfield module from designer Nick Baldridge of For Amusement Only Games, LLC. – the creator of several other third-party P3 game kits.

This product listing is for a separate game kit to add to a P3 you already own. It cannot be ordered with a P3 pinball platform.

Drained is manufactured and supported by the third-party, For Amusement Only Games, LLC. For more information or to place an order, please see https://drainedpinball.com

The Drained software will be available from your Multimorphic account webpage or via wifi on the machine once For Amusement Only Games has finished building your game kit.

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Drained challenges the player to confront 15 different vampires while keeping the ball from… well, draining!

Explore each castle and acquire tools by completing each of six different shot sequences.

Awaken the vampire by hitting the flashing “Slay” and “Vamp” targets.

Battle the vampire by completing indicated shots.

Slay the vampire by hitting the gobble hole.

Unique Features

Hand-Drawn art package by Molly Baldridge.

Gobble Hole, which will end the ball in play (based upon setting).

Symmetrical Design with different rewards and challenges on each side.

Custom Soundtrack by Charles Wolf Music.

Physical bell and knocker included.

Mirrored drop targets, howling wolf bumper cap.

Dynamic on-screen targets, hurry-ups and player instruction.

Seventeen characters, each with their own voice actor.

Platform Features

Stream-Connect (Twitch Compatible) which allows for stream chat to interact with the game.

Profile Settings and Support which allow for players of different skill levels to compete.

Bluetooth speaker and headphone support.

Wifi installation and update.

Operator Features

Single-Level playfield for faster cleaning.

Toolless disassembly.

Special feature can award replays or points.

Enhanced operator audits.

Game kit comes with owner’s manual, slingshot plastics, side target covers, apron magnet, cabinet, and head magnetic artwork (an estimated $340 value). Please note that it does not come with lit speaker panel artwork.

For support requests, please contact [email protected]

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