Multimorphic continues to raise the bar

As we increase production volumes and ready the launch of new games in 2020, we want to let our customers know we stand behind them. Multimorphic evolved the pinball machine, and now we’re evolving our warranty as well. Today we’re introducing an industry leading 2-year limited warranty on all P3 Pinball Platforms and game kits. […]

Presenting Heads Up! for the P3

Multimorphic, Inc., the maker of the revolutionary P3 Pinball Platform, is proud to announce that Dave & Buster’s is currently featuring a new P3 game, Heads Up!, on P3 machines in its Austin, TX location. This is a groundbreaking accomplishment that highlights a resurgence in the popularity of pinball and helps Multimorphic achieve its goal […]

Hoopin’ It Up (free download) and 4-way simultaneous play on Cosmic Cart Racing

As we get ready for the 2019 Texas Pinball Festival, we’re proud to announce two more pinball firsts: 1) Cosmic Cart Racing, the 3rd complete game kit for the P3 Pinball Platform now works in 4-way simultaneous play. That’s 4 machines, 1 player per machine, connected together over Wi-Fi, joined in a single race. 2) […]

Cosmic Cart Racing, Grand Slam Rally, and Backbox Displays all shipping!

Multimorphic ended 2018 with new shipments of Cosmic Cart Racing, and it’s starting 2019 by shipping even more games and accessories, including Grand Slam Rally and a 27″ backbox display. There are now 3 playfield modules, 7 games, and a number of new options and accessories for the P3 Pinball Platform. Cosmic Cart Racing Cosmic […]

Announcing Multimorphic’s PCB Repair Service

Accidents happen. We get that, and we want to help make sure minor accidents don’t turn into expensive ordeals. Therefore, we are now offering a board repair service for all Multimorphic circuit boards. Repairs will cost $50 per hour (at 5 minute intervals) plus any necessary parts and return shipping. Most repairs take about 30 […]

Servo and Stepper Motor Control in PD-LED v3

Multimorphic’s industry leading P-ROC control system just got even better. PD-LED boards can now control motors! In addition to controlling up to 682 RGB LEDs (or 2048 individual LEDs), v3 PD-LED boards can control up to 12 servo motors and up to 2 stepper motors. The PD-LED’s servo motor control is better than 1-degree resolution, […]

New Lexy Lightspeed Artwork and Backbox Display!

As we head to the Houston Arcade Expo this weekend, we’re excited to announce a number of exciting new additions to our product lineup, all of which will be on display on our machines at the show: – New cabinet artwork for Lexy Lightspeed – Escape From Earth – New cabinet artwork for Cosmic Cart […]

All paid orders have been filled!

All paid P3 orders have been filled! That’s a small sentence, but it was no small feat, and it’s just the beginning of Multimorphic’s journey in the pinball/gaming industry. With 2 full game kits and 3 additional mini-games shipping now, another full game kit and 3 more mini-games shipping soon, and even more projects underway […]

Pinball Evolution Achieved!

The attached picture represents the realization of our long-stated vision to manufacture a modular pinball platform and deliver a variety of games and gameplay features in the form of add-on game kits. The goal was enormous, and the challenges were real, but so were the efforts and sacrifices of our team and the support we […]

Production progress and Rob Anthony joins the Multimorphic support team

There are now P3s on 3 continents, in 5 countries, in many customers’ homes, and on multiple locations (Coin-Op Game Room in Sacramento, CA and Buffalo Billiards in Austin, TX). Production run #1 is complete, and we’ve begun building sub-assemblies for run #2 machines. Many sub-assemblies are unchanged from run #1, but others have undergone […]