Production is rolling

The Multimorphic production line is rolling! We’ve partitioned the production floor into build-stations, where each station is responsible for one or more sub-assemblies (ie. flippers, trough, wall/scoops, side-targets, chassis, cabinet, backbox, upper playfield modules, playfield display, etc). Each sub-assembly is built, tested, and then prepared to go into a machine. When all of the sub-assemblies […]

8 P3s at TPF 2017

A little over a month ago, we assembled the first 8 production P3s in time for the Texas Pinball Festival. Having a display with 8 machines gave us our first ever opportunity to show people our full vision… one machine, many games, endless fun! We could point to any one of the 8 machine and […]

New games announced!

Last month we announced that production of the P3, our revolutionary pinball platform, has begun. Here are some updated details: – First production run: 25 machines – Assembly in March and April, shipping in April – All 0-dollar pre-order customers have been contacted about participating in the 2nd production run – They’ve been offered a […]