P3s are shipping!

The revolutionary P3 Pinball Platform is now officially shipping! Multimorphic entered the pinball industry in 2009 with the P-ROC board, a product that gives everybody the opportunity to turn their pinball ideas into playable games. Now Multimorphic is officially delivering their own pinball ideas in the form of the P3. As the world’s first multi-game […]

Production is rolling

The Multimorphic production line is rolling! We’ve partitioned the production floor into build-stations, where each station is responsible for one or more sub-assemblies (ie. flippers, trough, wall/scoops, side-targets, chassis, cabinet, backbox, upper playfield modules, playfield display, etc). Each sub-assembly is built, tested, and then prepared to go into a machine. When all of the sub-assemblies […]

8 P3s at TPF 2017

A little over a month ago, we assembled the first 8 production P3s in time for the Texas Pinball Festival. Having a display with 8 machines gave us our first ever opportunity to show people our full vision… one machine, many games, endless fun! We could point to any one of the 8 machine and […]

New games announced!

Last month we announced that production of the P3, our revolutionary pinball platform, has begun. Here are some updated details: – First production run: 25 machines – Assembly in March and April, shipping in April – All 0-dollar pre-order customers have been contacted about participating in the 2nd production run – They’ve been offered a […]